Mission statement

The Doctors, nurses and all staff are committed to the provision of High Quality Patient Care and best practice, through the delivery of services which are timely,
considerate and responsive to the needs of our patient population, and supported by a clear focus on customer service.

To achieve this we will:

Listen to and understand the needs of our patients and wherever possible reflect those needs on our services or ensure they are sourced for you;

Provide an environment which is clean, safe and conducive to high quality patient care

Provide urgent appointments that enable patients, as a minimum to talk to a clinician on the day;

Offer patients, with on-going health issues, a clinical care plan, jointly owned by both of us, to ensure that their reviews and medication are managed effectively:

Ensure that clinical and non-clinical staff partake in continuous professional development, ensuring we practice in accordance with national guidelines, recognise best practice, enable our patients and the Practice to benefit from continuous improvement and working with the wider healthcare environment to deliver innovate solutions:

Provide excellent customer service by ensuring we respond to you in an open, caring and timely fashion and importantly keep our promises.

Utilise available technology to enable all our clinical staff to respond effectively to your healthcare needs;

Ensure your prescription when already on repeat is ready for collection in two working days or where there is an issue contact you to advise of any delay:

Provide non-NHS services in a timely fashion against and agreed tariff;

Regularly communicate with you on Surgery performance;

Respond quickly and pro-actively to any concerns you may have about the service you receive from us.